Mockingjay Part 1 Now Available for Pre-order in the US– Including Target/Best Buy Special Editions!

Well apparently it’s a new trend to jump on the pre-order train for the home entertainment sales for a film when it’s theater run is less than a week old!
But we’re not complaining!

We previously reported that the UK had opened up pre-orders for Mockingjay Part 1 and now, the US is following suit with all 4 major retailers, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon jumping into the early sales as well.

Not much information is available for each release yet, that will come later from both Lionsgate Home Media and the store chains, but we do know that Target will have a special edition with a 3rd disc containing 45 minutes of bonus content and include a gorgeous fabric poster of Katniss  for those who pre-order the disc. And we also know that Best Buy will allow customers to continue their Hunger Games steel book collection with a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack.  Amazon currently is showcasing just the basic Blu-ray and DVD, while Walmart also has a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo pack.

You’ll also notice that the images shown are simply the theatrical poster for the film, these are just placeholders until the final artwork is finalized.  And again any mention of deleted scenes or bonus materials, apart from Target’s special edition will be released at a later date much closer to the release time, which is of course “to be announced” as well.  We’d suspect an early March release like Catching Fire or perhaps even late February, as we know they’ll want to promote Insurgent on the release as well.

You can check out the links to all the retailers below and check out the fabric poster image from Target as well.

  • Amazon  DVD-Digital/Blu-ray-Digital
  • Walmart DVD-Digital/Blu-ray-Digtal/DVD-Blu-ray-Digital Combo Pack
  • Best Buy DVD-Digital/Blu-ray-Digital/DVD-Blu-ray-Digital Steelbook Combo Pack
  • Target – DVD/Blu-ray/Digital Special Edition with a 3rd disc of bonus content (Fabric Poster free gift for pre-orders only!)

Exclusive Fabric Poster for Pre-orders of the Mockingjay Special Edition DVD/Blu-ray from Target

Will you be putting in your pre-order for Mockingjay Part 1 or will you be waiting to find out all the details first?  Share your thoughts in the comments!