Mockingjay Part 1 Blu-ray/DVD Review Part 3 — Target Behind the Scenes Bonus Disc

Welcome to Part 3 of our Mockingjay Part 1 Blu-ray/DVD Review!  In this final section, well be focusing on the Target bonus disc which provided four more behind the scenes featurettes for the film.

Target was the only retailer to receive extra bonus content from the production of Mockingjay Part 1 for the home entertainment release. Contained in their “Exclusive” edition this DVD bonus disc showcases four featurettes: Rubble and Ashes, Utilitarian Chic, The Propos Team and Combat Zone: Stunts.  Each section covers aspects that were also discussed in The Mockingjay Lives documentary, but in many cases in greater detail or revealing new information as well.

We don’t want to spoil all the goodies for you, so here are a few of our favorite details from each section.

Rubble and Ashes (9:19): Introduction to District 13, description and creation.

  • District 13 is like the Capitol — The Capitol is oppressive, but not to the people who live there.  Just like District 13 appears oppressive to Katniss.
  • They based the design on cylindircal organziation, communal, “The Hive”
  • There were 250 people in the evacuation scene running down the stairs.
  • Level 40 bunker was filmed in a parking garage with very low ceilings.
  • Did their best to base District 13 in the reality of being underground.

Utilitarian Chic (13:37): Makeup and cosutmes for District 13.

  • Style is grounded in reality where everything is being conserved for the war effort.
  • Katniss looks raw, she’s at her most glamarous in the Mockingjay suit.
  • The Mockingjay costume was a bit more fantastical at first in design, but Francis Lawrence had them tone it down, and make it more realistic to being a leader in the military.
  • They worked Effie’s outfits by figuring out what she would do with the five pieces of clothing that were the standard issue.
  • Castor and Pollux camera gear was a blend of a silverfish, roly poly’s and mollusks.

The Propos Team (11:56): Introduction to the nature of the propoganda films and the new characters.

  • Mockingjay is about battles fought both on the battlefield and in the media, and how those lines cross each over between image and physical fighting.
  • Castor and Pollux backstory is highlighted, including how Castor saved money to get his brother out from working in the underground tunnels in the Capitol — can we say hint to Part 2!
  • Cressida is like a war journalist willing to go out there and get what she needs.  She’s elegant and tough attitude.  She pushes Katniss, where others would back off. She’s not afraid to push people who are in a fragile state.

Combat Zone: Stunts(11:50 ): A closer look at the major stunt sequences in the film.

  • Stunt team did a lot of pre-vis videos to show Francis what they envisioned for a scene and then waitied for a yeah or neigh.
  • The lumberjacks were on wires to help them be able to climb take after take
  • In the pre-visualization for District 8, Gale had a regular bow rather than a crossbow.
  • The dam was a 100 ft wall of blue screen with the bridge built in front
  • The initial drop from the hovercraft was shot in the parking lot with a 100 foot blue screen.
  • Inside the Marriot Marquis the doubles did the full 500 ft drop several times, then the actual actors did a 50-75 ft drop on the bottom to make it feel real.

So is this extra content worth it? Yes, definitely! If you are still on the fence about which version to get and you love behind the scenes goodies, then you should seriously considering purchasing Target’s exclusive edition.

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