New Still of Katniss and Peeta in Chariot Outfits

Hunger Games Gets 27 Figurines and Two New Games

HQ Photo of Effie from the Capitol Couture

Dwtc Staffer Mary and Flo Meet Josh Hutcherson

Mystique Tears

Rue Interview

MockingJay Part2 Image of Boggs Katniss in Star Squad 451

Everybody prepared to storm the Capitol? Well. Grab your weapon of decision trust-whether it’s a bow and bolt, crossbow, or Trident (just applies to Finnick)- and adjust it up, in light of the fact that the Hunger Games: Sinsajo-Part 2 comes, and we can hardly wait. In the event that our sheer feeling is insufficient, […]

The Hunger Games 3

Photos: Close Up Shots of the Tributes Chariot Costumes

Thanks to Light Up The World on Tumblr, we have these photos of the Tribute Parade Outfits from The Hunger Games, highlighting each individual district.

Taylor Swift on The Hunger Games Soundtrack