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    Hunger Games Adventures to Expand User Experience


    Access to the new Facebook game, The Hunger Games Adventures, has been limited to a few beta testers who have received a special access link to the game. A few of the staffers here at DWTC have had the chance to play through the first few levels, and the game is fun, looks great, and gives Hunger Games fans a new platform to further explore the world of Panem.

    Forbes recently got details from Lionsgate about how the game is more than just fun, and will add a whole new level of enjoyment to fans of the series.

    “This game is an opportunity for fans to experience this world beyond the books and the movie,” said [David] Hayes. “The game plays an important role in allowing us to bridge the time period between the DVD and Blu-ray releases and the theatrical release of Catching Fire.”

    Players will get to make their own character to play as, interact with established characters such as Katniss and Peeta, and perhaps most excitingly, finally get to see the official map of Panem, created by Suzanne Collins herself.

    “There are so many amazing opportunities and plans for this game,” said Hayes. “A great example of how we can amplify the marketing through this game is the official map. This is something that fans have wanted to see for a year and a half. There are hundreds of fan maps that have been created, but there’s only one official map from Suzanne and this game will reveal that over time.”

    Additionally, players will have access to other special releases, such as a new trailer and “Rue’s Lullaby” that were available to stream in-game.

    For more details on the game, see the full article over at Forbes, and let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments below!