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WATCH: Sam Claflin is “Bursting at the Seams” to Talk About ‘Mockingjay’

While promoting The Quiet Ones, Sam Claflin spoke briefly to MTV about work on Mockingjay, his first time working with Liam Hemsworth, all the “newbies” on set (including Stef Dawson) and the realization that this journey is almost at its end.

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“I’m like bursting at the seams but I’m going to have to keep quiet,” he said.

Claflin, who plays the roguish Finnick, has bonded with his castmates and says that “people are realizing that things are coming to an end,” so this is their last chance to goof off and crack up their friends on set.

“It’s been very tough, especially with the things that we’ve been shooting recently that are a little more serious,” he said.

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