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WATCH: Sam Claflin Tells Collider ‘Mockingjay’ Final Wrap Expected in June

Sam Claflin recently did a fantastic interview with Collider to talk about his career, his upcoming films, and (YES) some Mockingjay discussion as well.(NOTE: The Hunger Games discussion really gets focused at 6:25)

During the interview, Sam reflects on the ending of the series and hints that the expected final wrap for Mockingjay will be sometime in June. He also says the film is going to be as “epic and as great and grand” as the previous installments. He discusses the characters being “ripped apart” and at the “lowest point they’ve been” at the beginning of the film and they have to “build it back up.”


We could seriously just listen to Sam talk all day…heck we could listen to him read the phone book and we’d be enthralled…though we have to admit the Mockingjay talk is a definite bonus. 

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