Meet the Staff


Twitter: @AwesomeArianna
State: California
Position: Administrator/Site Owner/Co-Founder
Bio: I’m a California native born and raised in the Bay Area. I have my A.S. in Veterinary Technology as well as my Registered Veterinary Technology license. I currently work as a Pet Stylist at Petsmart and I have a full time “at home” job tending to over 20 animals including cats, dogs, birds, lizards, snakes, frogs, and two monitor named King Arthur and Princess Fiona.  You can definitely say animals are my life! While I’m not working with animals, you can normally find me on my laptop working on DWTC, reading a good YA book, hiking in the great outdoors, or planning another wild adventure. I got obsessed with the Hunger Games back in 2010 when I randomly decided to order it on Amazon. From then on, I got chatting on Twitter with one of DWTC’s other admins, Theresa and then, as they say, the rest was history.

Theresa aka “T”

Twitter: @RealorNotReal
State: Michigan
Position: Administrator/Site Owner/Co-Founder
Bio: I live in Michigan with my husband and three amazing children. While i’m not working on DWTC, i’m a busy mama taking care of my kids or reading (if there is ever time!) Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are my all time favorite series! Always – one word that means so much in HP and HG.


Twitter: @agamos 
State: California
Position: Administrator/LA Corespondent
Bio: Hey everyone! My name is Aldrin and I live in Northridge, CA. I started off in the Hunger Games fandom as Mayor of District 2, and have since been a staffer for DWTC…it’s been great! I’ve recently gotten into reading books again thanks to THG, but I also love listening to music, singing, vlogging, blogging, tweeting, and going to Disneyland, of course! I really love social media and communicating with all kinds of people, so feel to drop me a line!


Twitter: @FloeticFlo
State: Florida
Position: News Writer
Bio: Peeta Mellark is my #1 fictional boyfriend. This is HUGE, as I am a bone fide booknerd — actually co-founder of the book review blog Book Nerds Across America – and I have about 50 fictional boyfriends. But DWTC administrator T got me into The Hunger Games and it’s been love ever since. I’ve learned that you do crazy things for love, such as sleep outside for two nights in Los Angeles in an area called The Hob for a chance to be on the front row of the red carpet for your love’s movie premiere. And you tell all your friends about your love…ALL. THE. TIME. I am pretty sure this is going to be a lifelong romance. Outside of my relationship with all things Hunger Games, I am just a girl living in south Florida who loves warm weather, having fun, and being with friends. If you are looking for me, you’ll most often find me reading a book, tweeting (@FloeticFlo), enjoying happy hour, or traveling.


Twitter: @muchmoremacho
State: Washington DC (though New Jersey when I’m not at college)
Position: News Writer
Bio: My life revolves around Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Delirium, The Mortal Instruments, Broadway, Disney, reading, writing, and teaching. I am active in the fandoms for all of those book series, and am currently trying to write a trilogy of my own. I am the Head Gamemaker for Victory Tour 2013, co-host of Shadowhunters’ SteleCast, and writer at Delirium Fandom and Tris and Four. I just graduated with my Masters in teaching at 23, and am trying to discover exactly where I will be next year.


Twitter: @Jalissie
State: New Jersey
Position: News Writer
Bio: I am a student at Fairleigh Dickinson University majoring in Creative Writing. I have written both plays and musicals for fandoms;  including Mischief Managed which  premiered at Ascendio, a Harry Potter convention in Orlando, Florida in July 2012. My most recent produced show was From Nightmares to Nightlock for Victory Tour 2013. I looks forward to reworking the piece into Tributes, the first of a planned trilogy of musicals. I currently live in northern New Jersey, just minutes from New York City. If Scholastic gave out frequent flier miles for pages read, I could finally take that trip to Los Angeles with Ellie!


Twitter: @worsegames
State: Arizona
Position: News Writer
Bio: I first read The Hunger Games in my junior year of high school and since then I’ve been obsessed.  I also love Percy JacksonMaximum RideTwilight, and any book about mermaids. I’m a full-time college student who hasn’t quite figured out what to major in, but I stay sane by writing, acting, and going to church activities. If I had more money and free time you’d find me on the golf course practicing my chip shot.

Honorary DWTC Staff Members:

Kevin De La Paz: Kevin is the amazing creator of our Hunger Games quote section graphics. He will be creating more graphics for us in the future and we cannot wait to see what else he comes up with. Thank you Kevin for your amazing creativity! Also, be sure to follow Kevin on his Facebook page.

Penelope Lolohea: Penelope is the amazing artist behind our banner. She was the winner of our banner contest when DWTC was going through the remodel.